Make your voting plan: Vermont's General Election

Vermont’s general election is coming up on November 8th and early voting is about to begin. Have you made your voting plan yet? We have a few tips to help you prepare:

Register to Vote

First things first: If you haven’t already, take a few minutes and register to vote on the Secretary of State's website.

Think you're already registered? Log in to My Voter Page or visit your town clerk’s office to check your registration status and make sure your information is up to date.

Note: In Vermont, there is no registration deadline. You can even register to vote at the polls on Election Day. It’s still worth getting things set up ahead of time, but don’t let being unsure about your registration status prevent you from voting!


What’s On the Ballot?

At the top of your ballot, you will see two proposed constitutional amendments.

  • Proposal 2: Amend Article 1 of the Vermont Constitution to remove language permitting people to be held as servants, slaves, or apprentices “for the payments of debts, damages, fines, costs, or the like” and add language that explicitly prohibits slavery and indentured servitude in any form.

  • Proposal 5: Add Article 22 to the Vermont Constitution to explicitly protect our reproductive autonomy and create the strongest possible protection against state-level restrictions of our reproductive rights.

Read the language of the proposed amendments on the Vermont Secretary of State’s website.

Candidates for local and statewide offices are also on the ballot. Learn more about who is running for office by following trusted local news outlets, consulting guides like VTDigger's election guide or reviewing the Secretary of State's list of candidates -- which includes candidates' campaign websites and contact information.

Finally, some communities may have local measures to vote on as well. Consult your town’s clerk office and local news sources to learn more about what you’re being asked to vote on.

Cast Your Vote

All registered voters should receive a mail-in ballot. If you do not receive a ballot, follow up with your town clerk’s office. Make time to cast your vote soon! Return your marked ballot by mail, at a secure drop box, or at your town clerk’s office. Be sure to follow all instructions for filling out your ballot.

If you plan to vote in person on November 8th, confirm your polling location and what its hours will be. Make a plan for what time you will vote and how you will get there. It is recommended that you bring your unmarked mail-in ballot with you to the polls – this helps elections workers know that you have not voted yet.

Spread the Word

Remind your friends that the election is coming up and ask them about their voting plan!