The Road to 2024

The coming election year will test our country like never before, and the ACLU is prepared to meet the moment with everything we have.

To preview the road to 2024, we held virtual panel on December 7 about what’s at stake for our civil liberties this year, featuring nationally renowned legal and policy experts. Our speakers discussed the key civil liberties issues we are facing, shared how we are engaging in the 2024 election, and highlighted ways you can get involved and support these important efforts. 

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Nationwide, the ACLU is working to challenge gerrymandered voting maps, defeat voter suppression tactics, and protect access to the ballot – so that every vote counts on election day and beyond.  With affiliates in every state and a track record of impact, we uniquely prepared to defend our democracy and hold our government accountable in the coming election year.

The Fight for Fair Maps

This year, the ACLU scored an historic win for voting rights when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Black voters who challenged Alabama's congressional map for violating the Voting Rights act. This victory has opened new opportunities for advocacy and litigation in support of equal voting access for communities of color.

Our colleagues are now working in states like Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, and South Carolina to defeat similarly unfair voting maps and expand voter protections.

2024 Battleground Initiative

Since 2018, the ACLU's electoral and litigation strategy has expanded access to the ballot and protected election integrity, resulting in critical wins. While this work is underway nationwide, we are prioritizing battleground states where election outcomes have an enormous impact. This includes working to:

  • Protect the fair certification of elections by challenging policies that undermine or jeopardize the process
  • Defeat laws that deny full ballot access to Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and other disenfranchised voters
  • Combat misinformation and persuade decision-makers and the public to reject extreme policies that subvert democracy.
  • Recruit large networks of candidates for election official roles and election day volunteers who are committed to fair ballot access and counting all votes.

Here in Vermont

Robust civic engagement and an informed electorate are essential to our democracy, and we are bringing that message to communities statewide. Every few weeks, we'll publish new content to inform, educate, and activate supporters across Vermont to show up the best they can in the months leading up to the general election in November, and in local elections in March (municipal) and August (state primary).

Stay tuned for more!