January 23, 2024 

Contact:  Stephanie Gomory, Communications Director

[email protected], 802-223-6304 x111 

Montpelier, VT — The ACLU published the results of a survey of Burlington’s mayoral candidates today, in advance of the March 5 Town Meeting Day election.   

In December, the ACLU invited mayoral candidates Emma Mulvaney-Stanak and Joan Shannon to answer questions about their positions on criminal law reform, housing, harm reduction, and police accountability—all issues that have repeatedly been named as priorities for the Burlington community in 2024.  

The survey was sent to the candidates on December 19 with a deadline of January 5. To date, one of the two candidates has responded, and those responses are published on the ACLU of Vermont’s website. 

ACLU of Vermont Executive Director James Lyall: “The next mayor of Vermont’s largest city can help build a community where everyone can thrive by centering the basic needs and dignity of all residents. For all the divisive and misleading rhetoric of recent years, the people of Burlington have long expressed their desire to invest in people, not prisons; they deserve a mayor who will advance effective solutions aligned with their shared values of compassion and respect for all people. We hope this survey will help voters make informed decisions on election day.” 

Ballots for the March 5 election will be mailed in February. 

The survey is available here.