Get Help

If you have experienced a civil rights or civil liberties violation in Vermont, please review our guidelines regarding the kinds of cases we take and submit a legal assistance request if appropriate. Below, you will find additional legal resources as well as links to direct service organizations in Vermont that can help you navigate specific situations.

Legal Assistance

Although we may not be able to take your case, the following organizations may be able to help:

Know Your Rights

The ACLU maintains informational guides to help you understand your rights in different situations and for people with certain identities or life circumstances. For instance, we have information about your rights when you are stopped by police or stopped by Border Patrol as well as guides to students' rights in schools, your right to protest, and rights of people with disabilities.

Direct Service Providers in Vermont

If you are facing challenges in accessing food, shelter, or other basic necessities:

If you are experiencing domestic violence, you can call the statewide hotline provided by the Vermont Network at 800-228-7395 or connect with a local domestic violence organization through the Vermont Network's website.