A 2020 Vision for Vermont

January 29, 2020

We partnered with several different organizations from across Vermont to release a report that we’re calling ‘A 2020 Vision for Vermont.’ This report presents a vision of how, together, we can build a Vermont that works for everyone who calls this state home. As you look through it, you’ll notice the names of organizations with whom the ACLU of Vermont hasn’t frequently collaborated. You’ll also see information on issues that the ACLU does not explicitly work on. That’s by design.

The groups who pulled together this document work with thousands of Vermonters to advance policies that promote social justice, a clean and healthy environment, and representative democracy. It’s our hope that by sharing this with our collective membership, we elevate and amplify one another’s voices, demonstrate the connections between these issues, and provide Vermonters with the information they need to advocate for changes that will protect the health and well-being of our people and environment.

A quick note on what this report is not: It doesn’t imply that every group (ACLU included) has officially endorsed every proposal included. It doesn’t mean that we’ll be actively working on all of these issues (the whole point is there is a wide array of groups effectively advocating for these changes that you should consider supporting!).

And this report doesn’t represent a comprehensive list of all the issues facing our state, nor all the solutions to those issues. All of the groups included in this report are working on a wide range of priorities, some of which may not be included here (if you haven’t already, please take a look at our full 2020 legislative agenda).

This document does, however, represent a starting point for Vermonters of all stripes to understand some of the most pressing challenges we face and how we can come together to solve these problems.

Read or download the report below!