ACLU Statement in Response to Governor Scott Signing H. 308 Into Law


May 31, 2017

MONTPELIER, VT—The ACLU of Vermont has issued the following statement following Governor Scott’s signing of historic racial justice legislation, H. 308.

Statement of ACLU of Vermont executive director James Lyall:

“The ACLU commends the many legislators and advocates who worked to pass this historic legislation, and we thank Governor Scott for signing H. 308 into law today. This bill is a meaningful and important step forward, and a testament to the tireless advocacy of a broad coalition of Vermonters who will not rest until Vermont tackles head on the racial injustice that is so prevalent in this state.

“In addition to establishing a racial justice oversight panel to combat profound racial disparities, this bill also moves Vermont a step closer to a uniform statewide fair and impartial policing policy to prevent local police from getting entangled in federal immigration operations.

“Moving forward, there is a lot more work to do. Achieving racial justice in Vermont will require standing up to the bullies in the Trump administration, and confronting racial bias here at home. The ACLU of Vermont is committed to making sure this bill is fully implemented across the state and provides momentum for further reforms. Together, we can ensure Vermont lives up to its motto of freedom and unity by building a more just and equitable future for all.”