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Montpelier, Vt. – The Vermont House of Representatives voted today to pass the Reproductive Liberty Amendment, also known as Prop 5. This was the final step in the four-year legislative process required to place the Reproductive Liberty Amendment on the ballot in November 2022.  

As the U.S. Supreme Court seems poised to significantly gut or completely overturn the protections guaranteed by Roe v. Wade this summer, Prop 5 would establish critical protections for essential abortion services in the state of Vermont.    

ACLU of Vermont Executive Director James Lyall:  

“The ACLU joins our partners, supporters, and the countless other Vermonters who have helped advance Prop 5 in celebrating this historic milestone. This is a momentous occasion for Vermont and for the nationwide movement for reproductive liberty.  

“In the face of an all-out assault on abortion rights at the state and federal levels, Vermont voters will now have the opportunity to make Vermont a leader by explicitly enshrining reproductive liberty in our state constitution in November. 

“In doing so, we can safeguard abortion rights in our state while sending a clear message, that the American people overwhelmingly support the right of individuals to make reproductive healthcare decisions for themselves – including decisions about contraception, abortion, prenatal care, and childbirth – and will not tolerate having this right taken away. 

“We know that the right to decide if and when to become a parent is critical to an individual’s dignity and well-being. With the fate of Roe hanging in the balance, state-level protections are vital to safeguarding people’s access to reproductive health care. This year, Vermont can set an example of what is possible by declaring reproductive autonomy is a constitutional and fundamental right for all. 

“We are grateful to the legislators, public officials, and state leaders who supported this amendment throughout the legislative process; the many partners who have joined us in championing this effort; and most of all, all the many Vermonters who have spoken out in favor of Prop 5 and in defense of reproductive liberty. This is our moment.  

“The Reproductive Liberty Amendment is both a simple and profound affirmation of our values – values that Vermonters have cherished for generations. We’re confident that Vermonters will vote their values in November, and we are proud to support this historic effort.”