Protect Reproductive Liberty in Vermont

Reproductive liberty is central to our freedom and dignity, and everyone should have the right to determine their own life course. On September 1, the Supreme Court allowed Texas' radical ban on abortion to stand, effectively blocking people in Texas from accessing constitutionally protected health care. This is a full-scale assault on patients and health care providers and the ACLU won't stop fighting until this blatantly unconstitutional law is blocked.

While we fight this and other disastrous laws in the courts, Vermont has an opportunity to protect abortion rights and become the first state to explicitly enshrine reproductive liberty in our constitution. That is why we are asking you to contact your state representative(s) and tell them to pass Proposition 5, the Reproductive Liberty Amendment, when they return to the State House in January.

If passed by the House of Representatives, Proposition 5 would give voters the opportunity to affirm that Vermonter's right to personal reproductive autonomy shall not be denied. This is one of the most effective tools to ensure the reproductive rights of everyone in our state and we need the House of Representatives to pass the Reproductive Liberty Amendment as soon as they return in January.

Together we can ensure Vermont continues to shine as a beacon of reproductive liberty across the country. Please contact your representative(s) today and ask them to pass the Reproductive Liberty Amendment in January!