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  1. Calling All Inquisitive Citizens

    January 15, 2015News update
  2. DEA Using ALPRs To Track Drivers

    January 30, 2015News updatePrivacy and Technology
  3. Disgrace But Not Decertification

    May 1, 2015News updatePolice Accountability
  4. Big Win For ACLU In NSA Surveillance Case

    May 7, 2015News updatePrivacy and Technology
  5. End-of-Session Legislative Review

    May 27, 2015News updatePrivacy and Technology, Police Accountability, Criminal Law Reform, Free Speech, Open Government
  6. Surveillance Tide Turns

    June 5, 2015News updatePrivacy and Technology
  7. Supreme Court Says Yes To Gay Marriage In All States

    June 26, 2015News updateLGBTQ Rights
  8. State Official Sketches Rationale For Broad Surveillance

    October 26, 2015News update
  9. VT Should Lead In Ending Mass Incarceration

    December 9, 2015News update
  10. Panhandling Ordinances Across VT Likely Illegal

    December 16, 2015News updateFree Speech, Criminal Law Reform