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  1. Issues

    November 3, 2016Listing Page
  2. admin

    November 3, 2016Biography
  3. Laptop Searches At The Border

    June 17, 2009News updatePrivacy and Technology, Open Government, Police Accountability
  4. ACLU of Vermont Wins Suit Against Residency Restriction

    September 9, 2009News updatePrivacy and Technology, Open Government
  5. Reckoning With Torture

    March 19, 2010News update
  6. ACLU Sues In Public Records Case

    August 2, 2010News update
  7. Is There Anything Left Of Vermont's Public Records Law?

    August 3, 2010News update
  8. Vermont Fails Campaign Finance Disclosure Test

    August 30, 2010News update
  9. AG Tracking Cell Phones Without Warrant

    October 18, 2010News update
  10. Think Your Cell Calls Are Private?

    January 9, 2011News update