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  1. For Public Safety Solutions, We Must Address Root Causes

    December 19, 2022News update
  2. ACLU and NAACP Statements in Response to Report on Bennington Police Practices

    April 24, 2020News update
  3. Protecting reproductive and gender-affirming care in Vermont

    February 3, 2023News updateReproductive Freedom, LGBTQ Rights
  4. Cops shouldn’t lie to kids—or to anyone

    January 31, 2023News updatePolice Reform
  5. Police accountability is a public safety issue

    February 9, 2023News updatePolice Reform, Police Accountability
  6. Community Oversight 101

    February 16, 2023News updatePolice Accountability, Police Reform
  7. Ending unnecessary traffic stops and overpolicing in Vermont

    February 23, 2023News updatePolice Reform
  8. Investing in people, not prisons

    March 1, 2023News updateCriminal Law Reform, Prisoners’ Rights
  9. State House priorities in 2023

    January 9, 2023News update
  10. 2023 mid-session legislative update

    March 10, 2023News update