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  1. Court Rules Town Meeting Cannot Include Prayer

    June 1, 2012News updateReligious Liberty, Free Speech, Open Government
  2. End-of-Session Legislative Review

    May 27, 2015News updatePrivacy and Technology, Police Accountability, Criminal Law Reform, Free Speech, Open Government
  3. Panhandling Ordinances Across VT Likely Illegal

    December 16, 2015News updateFree Speech, Criminal Law Reform
  4. Burlington Mask Law: Changes Not Enough

    March 5, 2016News updateFree Speech
  5. Constitutional Rights Exist -- Even In Our Forests

    June 30, 2016News updateFree Speech, Police Accountability
  6. When Calling 911 Can Get You Evicted

    December 20, 2017News updateFree Speech
  7. Dear Vermont School Administrators, Educators, and Officials:

    March 13, 2018News updateStudents' Rights, Free Speech
  8. Damming the Free Flow of Information

    August 24, 2018News updateFree Speech
  9. Victory! Vermont cities and towns repeal unconstitutional anti-panhandling ordinances

    October 19, 2018News updateFree Speech
  10. Burlington must honor promises to tenants

    March 19, 2018News updateFree Speech