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  1. Brattleboro Police Targeting Black Lives Matter Supporter Was Unconstitutional

    January 27, 2022Press release
  2. State's Attorney for a Day

    February 16, 2022Page
  3. How to Support Reproductive Freedom This Year

    January 27, 2022News updateReproductive Freedom
  4. An Update on our Campaign to End Qualified Immunity

    January 26, 2022News updatePolice Reform
  5. Our Priorities for the 2022 Legislative Session

    January 14, 2022News updatePolice Reform, Criminal Legal Reform, Reproductive Freedom
  6. State's Attorney for a Day: Community Supervision

    February 16, 2022Page
  7. State's Attorney for a Day: Youthful Offender

    February 16, 2022Page
  8. State's Attorney for a Day: Charging, Bail & Sentencing

    February 16, 2022Page
  9. State's Attorney for a Day: Traffic Violation

    February 16, 2022Page
  10. Op-Ed: For the Overdose Epidemic, Stop Leaving Public Health Tools in the Toolbox

    February 22, 2022News updateCriminal Legal Reform